CubePDF: A virtual PDF printer

Over 10M downloads!

CubePDF is a very convenient PDF converter that allows you to convert files from any applications, such as Web browsers, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on, whenever you need it. The converter allows you to convert the files as easy as you can print the files; as a matter of fact, you can do it in the same manner as you print files, so the converting process must be extremely straightforward. Even better news- CubePDF is provided as an Open Source Software (OSS). The source code is available at our GitHub. Try it out now! (English, Japanese)

Convert any file to PDF

CubePDF provides a speedy and safe converting process. In addition, it not only allows you to convert your files into PDF, but also to other formats such as to image files. As long as your file is printable, you are able to convert your file into different formats our software offers.

In the same manner as you print!

CubePDF tutorial

CubePDF is a software which applies Windows’ printing tool, and it is in the format of a "virtual printer". The use of this software is extremely simple. On whichever application, you can select "print" and select "CubePDF" from the drop-down menu and instead of actually printing your document on paper, it allows you to convert your paper into a PDF file.

Useful options

In CubePDF, the option of adding different tools is possible. For example, you are able to edit your document’s properties, such as the "Title", "Author(s)", "Sub-title", "Keyword", in addition to securing your documents including, "Setting a password", or "Setting some permissions". Other than these options, there are multiple options you can choose from, such as "the optimization of Web-viewing documents", "Converting a colored image into a gray-scaled image".

Improved safety

CubePDF is a stand-alone application which does not require any internet connection, which makes the software safe and reliable. In addition, this software does not require you to make an account in order to use this software. Also, we have developed many settings which concern security, which you can choose as options to add onto your documents.

For your images

Other than converting your files into PDF, CubePDF also allows you to convert documents into image files in the same manner as you can print your documents. The image formats include (PostScripts, EPS, BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF).

Free and no registration

CubePDF is completely free. Regardless of if you are using it as an individual or within your company; you can use it in a limitless manner. In addition, we do not ask for registration or "link with your SNS!" when using/downloading this software.

Over 10M downloads! The standard of PDF converter

We provide CubePDF for free. Since the release of our software, we have made frequent updates to successfully develop it to a safe and reliable software. It has also been picked up by several of articles.


Supported OS: Windows 7 or later
.NET Framework 3.5 or later is required (4.5.2 or later is recommended)